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Once the packages are in the air we don't just sit back and forget about it, instead we keep our eyes on it at all time, providing you the detailed tracking information you need to monitor your product until it gets delivered to you.

We are always available and ready to troubleshoot whatever issue may come up during the shipping process. Some parts of the world are more complicated than others when it comes to shipping product, it can get tricky, but the companies we rely on know their business inside and out and they can handle any kind of situation. Whatever happens, we can work it out. We are shipping jewelry after all, not peanuts, so special attention is required. We provide that.

Once the product is delivered we're always eager to hear any kind of feedback from our costumers.

Don't get scared if you intend to buy a lot, in fact dealing with wholesalers is the core of our business, we move large amount of product daily and we know how to handle big numbers.