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Questo tema ci è molto caro.

Garanzia è il sigillo finale per ciascuna delle relazioni commerciali che instauriamo con i nostri clienti.

Quando riceverete da noi gli ordini richiesti, con essi arriverà tutto l’impegno profuso nella ricerca della massima soddisfazione da parte vostra.

Questo è l’obiettivo principale a cui teniamo e per il quale spendiamo tutte le energie in ogni fase della nostra attività.

Ricevere i vostri pareri dopo il ricevimento dell’ordine, qualsiasi essi siano, ci aiuta a migliorare sempre di più ed essere pronti a qualsiasi sfida.


  • Can I engrave my brand name on the jewelry?
    Generally the answer is yes, a brand name or a logo can be placed on the jewelry we produce. However the lettering, the complexity of the logo, the placement itself, all these factors will play a big role in determining the best way to go about engraving a logo, so this is something that will always be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Do I have to pay VAT on my orders?
    VAT is only applied if these two conditions are met: 1) the entity we are billing is based withing the European Union. 3) the entity we are billing does not have a VAT number that's enabled for VAT-free trades withing the EU. This link will take you to the official EU website where VAT numbers can be verified.
  • Can I submit my design and have them made into jewelry?
    You can submit your designs and have them reviewed by us, but we will have to evaluate them to see if they can be translated into actual solid pieces.
  • Are custom duty fees or other import taxes included in the order cost?
    They are not. Custom duty fees or any other taxes charged by the Country of destination are by definition out of our control. We can't anticipated them nor we are able to work out their amount on our end because each Country has different laws and regulations in regards to importing goods. It's the client's sole responsibility to educate themselves on this matter and find out if their government applies any taxes or fees to the goods they are importing.
  • What are the accepted payment methods?
    Payments can be processed either via direct wire transfer, or via credit card. Wire transfers can be made in either US dollars or Euros, while credit card transactions will always present an amount expressed in Euros, and the client taks responsibility for all and any exchange fees the credit card providers may apply on their end, as they are entirely out of our control.
  • How will my order be shipped?
    When it comes to shipping precious items across the world, shipping becomes crucial, and to hedge against all possible scenarios shipping has to be fast, reliable, and safe. We have a solid work relationship with all the major players like UPS, DHL and FedEx, as well as all the major air carriers who provide cargo shipping for large volumes, with which we have direct, dedicated communication channels to help deal with any issues. Most of our shipments are express, to-your-door, and fully insured, to cover all our bases. This means an order placed from the US, for example, will take 2 to 3 business days at worst to be delivered, and will be monitored by us all the way through.
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